Add Huria Search to Your Website

Use your website to help others discover the great content generated by Black people on the World Wide Web.

We've made the Huria Search engine freely available to anyone to use it on their website.  Our advertisement free search engine may be added to your website by just downloading this file text file (huriasearch.txt), and pasting the few lines of code where you want the Huria Search engine to appear. 

You may also link directly to an Huria Search query using the following link format: Search

Huria Search is a very powerful alternative to “traditional” search engines in that our search results are restricted to a curated list of several hundred, independent, Black-owned websites.  Today, information on these independent sites, regardless of their quality, are often pushed so far down in search results that they are rendered undiscoverable.  To combat this, these websites are directing  resources away from the production of content to obtaining readers.  Social media marketing is proving to be increasingly ineffective and costly.  Many websites are simply folding, and the World Wide Web is a less rich environment as a result.

Huria Search is just one man’s effort to support independent websites.  Ultimately it is up to YOU, the visitor, to support independent websites.  Your purchases; your visits; your engagement, through sharing and leaving comments; all contribute to the support websites need to remain viable.

Without your support the Web will continue to coalesce into a few massive websites control by even fewer corporations; who are driven solely by the acquisition of wealth.  Ultimately none of us are served very well under these conditions.